LG QuadWash dishwasher leverages state of the art steam technology

Korean appliance leader LG Electronics (LG) is looking to set new standards for dishwashers with its latest LG QuadWash Steam, equipped with the company’s exclusive TrueSteam technology.

According to the brand, its new dishwasher is “revolutionary”, and sets itself apart from the competition with steam technology that promises to not only clean more effectively, but also more efficiently. LG says the dishwasher’s host of unique performance-enhancing technologies “offer a game-changing way to wash dishes”.

How the technology works

TrueSteam emits high temperature steam consisting of tiny particles to clean everything from delicate stemware to steel pots and pans, easily separating stains and leftovers from dishes, LG says. And, the technology is said to soak and loosen tough caked-on food before the main washing cycle.

By spraying steam at the end of a cycle, the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher reduces undesirable water spots – one of the most common complaints of dishwasher users – by up to 30%, LG claims.

As well as promising impeccable results in cleaning, LG believes it also offers similar results where hygiene is concerned, while hot and pure steam particles from boiling water ensure that all dishes undergo thorough hygienic cleaning.

Another core technology of the dishwasher, QuadWash features four spray arms instead of the two which is more common in other dishwashers.

The multi-motion arms sweep and rotate back and forth while spinning in both directions to clean plates, glassware, and cookware of all shapes and sizes from nearly every angle. Thanks to multi-directional water streams shot by the spinning attachments, LG says its dishwasher offers a more thorough clean.

The dishwasher is powered by the Inverter Direct Drive Motor, which is designed to boost energy efficiency and reduce noise. The motor also adjusts water intensity to allow the soft settings necessary for fragile dishware in the upper rack and a stronger setting for pots and pans in the lower level. This versatility offers more effective cleaning without damaging the dishware, LG says.

In addition, the EasyRack Plus system promises “outstanding” flexibility and convenience, adjusting to just about any load of dishes, even long-stem wine glasses, LG notes. With one touch, the upper rack’s height is adjustable to three levels.

Finally, LG ThinQ technology has elevated the functionality of a dishwasher to ease daily life for consumers. With the handy LG ThinQ app, users can start or stop the dishwasher from anywhere, monitor cycle time and even get an alert when the dishes are clean to have the kids unload the dishwasher before they get home. QuadWash Steam dishwasher offers nine pre-set wash cycles selectable from the app.

Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, commented: “LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher offers everything consumers expect from an LG appliance: convenience, flexibility and especially performance. Steam technology offers the perfect balance of superior performance with gentle care, and this kind of innovation has practical and convenience-boosting purpose that customers expect from LG.”

There is a range of five models to choose from available in both freestanding, in silver and black, and integrated; these include the DF222FPS, DF325FPS, DF455HMS, DB325TXS and DB425TXS.

Retailers in the UK will include LG and John Lewis initially, and then Curry’s, AO, Marks Electrical, and Appliance City too. Availability in Europe and the rest of the world is not yet known.

Key Selling Points

  • TrueSteam for a gentle yet thorough clean that is tough on stains
  • Four arm QuadWash so no item is left uncleaned
  • Accomodate everything with the flexibility of loading of the EasyRack Plus

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