6 Apr 2023

Oppo packs high-res camera into new mid-range Reno8 T 5G


Oppo packs high-res camera into new mid-range Reno8 T 5G


Oppo’s new Reno8 T 5G, the latest in its camera-focused Android series, offers a dual micro-curved design and 108MP high resolution camera while remaining in the mid-range price segment

The Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, specialised in affordable phones with sleek designs, has announced the launch of its latest smartphone, Reno8 T 5G.

The device boasts unique design features —a dual micro-curved design, a 3D curved screen and ultra-thin bezels, a custom manufactured 3D back cover —together with dual cameras, including a high-definition portrait camera.

Oppo Reno8 T 5G
Reno8 T 5G | Credit: Oppo

New design enhances viewing and comfort

The Reno8 T 5G phone features a 120Hz 3D curved screen with a special micro curve that has been polished to a 56-degree angle with an arc height of 1.9 mm, offering what Oppo is calling a unique viewing experience for a mid-priced phone.

Along with the the 3D curved design, the new model offers a larger 6.7-inch, punch-hole Amoled screen for a more immersive, boundless viewing experience. This is further enhanced by the screen’s 93% screen-to-body ratio which presents a practically edge-to-edge screen that is comparable to more high-end smartphone models.

Beyond its improved viewing, enhanced by the phone’s super-narrow bezels on all four sides, the special micro curves of the screen on its left and ride sides give the device its rounded appearance and enhance both users’ grip and touch accuracy.

On the back of the phone, sleek lines extend from the four micro-curved sides of the 3D back cover to the middle frame, creating an integrated design across the entire body. In order to find the most comfortable curve shape for the back cover, the firm claims its design team made precision adjustments to the curves at 60-times magnification, repeatedly tuning the shape until they identified a curve that would fit most naturally in the palm of the hand.

Dual cameras

Oppo’s dual camera design features two vertically aligned camera. The main 108MP portrait camera is housed in the upper module, while the micro lens camera, depth camera and flash are found in the lower module.

The main 108MP ultra-high-resolution camera comes equipped with NonaPixel Plus technology and combines nine pixels into one giant pixel to take in as much light as possible. The 1/1.67″ large sensor size, over 96% light capture and 1.92μm pixel size after binning provide users with a level of clarity and detail characteristic of more expensive phone models.

Both camera modules are bonded together by an aluminium alloy metal decorative base that encircles the camera modules at a height 0.2 mm higher than the lenses to protect them from scratches when the phone is placed on a flat surface. Surrounding the camera area and aluminium base is an oval panel with spliced gloss and matte textures that contrasts against the rest of the back cover material.

Compact and lightweight

The Reno8 T 5G, even with its larger battery and enhanced hardware with respect to previous Reno series models, inherits the compact and lightweight design of its predecessors, measuring just 7.7 mm in thickness and weighing only 171 g.  Moreover, the new Reno model boasts a high 120Hz refresh rate for smooth viewing.

The latest addition to Oppo’s smartphone line up is available in two colour options: shimmering sunrise gold or a classic midnight black.

Building on Oppo’s innovative portfolio of smartphones

For the last 10 years, Oppo has focused on manufacturing smartphones with high-level camera capabilities, offering mid-priced phones that compete with more top-of-the-line models. Over the years, the firm has introduced a number of innovations, including the first model with a rotating camera, the world’s thinnest smartphone and the first 5G commercial smartphone in Europe.

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