Qobuz launches new features for personalised listening

The French streaming service for high quality audio, Qobuz, has unveiled two new features that offer a tailor-made experience for its subscribers.

The first, called “My Weekly Q” offers Qobuz subscribers a personalised playlist every Friday which highlights musical discoveries based on listening to users with similar musical profiles. Using collaborative Artificial Intelligence, the company promises to enrich the musical experience of its subscribers by offering eclectic and personalised tracks. This new feature is available on the streaming service’s iOS and Android apps, as well as on the desktop version.

Carplay Online meanwhile, is an enriched addition to from Carplay Offline – the onboard iOS solution that allows users to listen to downloaded titles in offline mode. With Carplay Online, subscribers will be able to view and launch their favourite tracks and playlists directly on the integrated screen of their car.

Head of Product at Qobuz, Axel Destagnol commented: “Qobuz offers two features that meet both mobility needs and the demands of audiophiles and music lovers. Thanks to these innovative improvements, our subscribers can now take their music anywhere and enjoy a new source of tailor-made discoveries.” 

Qobuz has also announced new prices for September 2021 for all its packages including Studio Premier and Studio Premier Family, and for Studio Sublime and Studio Sublime Family. For more information, click here.

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