16 Nov 2021

Maktar’s new Qubii Duo photo storage alternative to cloud

Maktar’s new Qubii Duo photo storage alternative to cloud

Taiwanese brand Maktar Inc. has launched the Qubii Duo, a photo storage drive which supports Micro SD storage capacity of up to 2TB and provides quick and seamless backup for photos, videos, contacts and music.

The Qubii Duo offers a more energy-efficient solution to storage than using a cloud service, as with Qubii, each backup session is triggered automatically whenever users charge their phones. In addition, it requires no internet connection and no subscription fee, like cloud-based storage solutions.

And because the user is saving to an SD card, it’s totally private, and Maktar Inc.’s patented encryption and security features mean that all files will be kept safe. Face ID and Touch ID are supported in the Qubii app, which also provides two-factor authentication to keep files secure and accessible only to authorised individuals.

The Qubii Duo is iOS and Android compatible, with users having the option between a USB type C or A unit. It can also identify different devices, and it won’t duplicate files. The unique design of the Qubii has also gained MFi (Made for iPhone) certification and 2021 Good Design Award.

Maktar is part of the Taiwan Excellence programme, which showcases the best of Taiwanese innovation at trade shows around the world, including IFA.

Key Selling Points

  • Auto backup while charging cell phone
  • Patented encryption features
  • Energy saving and cost-efficient

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