Rockford Fosgate turns up the volume with RZR Audio Roof for Polaris side-by-sides

The new audio roof solutions boast up to 8 coaxial speakers designed for Polaris side-by-side sport vehicles

High-performance audio systems maker Rockford Fosgate has announced the release of its 2023 Polaris RZR Audio Roof solutions. Designed for the Polaris Pro XP side-by-side sport vehicle, 2020 and newer, and the Polaris Turbo R buggy, the new 800-watt purpose-built audio roof solutions are available for both 2- and 4-passenger models.

2-passenger and 4-passenger options

Rockford Fosgate has created a version of the Polaris RZR Audio Roof for both 2-passenger and 4-passenger vehicles, with between 4 and 8 speakers depending on the model. The 2-passenger option is equipped with four, 8″ coaxial speakers, a 10″ subwoofer, two 400-watt amplifiers, and a PMX-P2 source unit. The 4-passenger features eight, 8″ coaxial speakers, a 10″ subwoofer, two 400-watt amplifiers, and a PMX-P2 source unit.

“The new audio roof takes the established benchmark of our Stage 4 High Output system from RZR LE vehicles and kicks up the volume even higher with up to eight of our new 8″ coaxial speakers, this roof is the life of the party anywhere it goes,” said Wayne Connolly, Director of OEM Powersports.

Unrivalled outdoor performance

According to the company, which specialises in audio experiences for cars, boats and recreational vehicles, the 100 watt 8″ speakers feature a durable injection-moulded design created to perform in an outdoor environment. This allows users to enjoy crystal-clear sound at any speed and in all kinds of driving conditions.

The new models’ speakers offer strong mid-bass output while the 10″ subwoofers deliver all the low-end bass output. Both the speakers and subwoofer are powered by 400-watt Rockford Fosgate amplifiers which have been engineered for all day performance.

Rockford Fosgate
The new RZR Audio Roof (Photo: Rockford Fosgate)

Featuring brand-new DCA technology, the overhead audio solution is able to separate the airspace between the subwoofers and the speakers, the firm says. Thanks to this dual chamber acoustic, tech users will be able to experience top-quality bass performance without hearing any rattles.

The new audio systems are ORR (Off-Road Ready) which means they have been built to endure any environment and are designed to withstand the elements. All of the components of the Polaris RZR Audio Roof solutions, including speakers, amplifiers, subwoofer, and enclosures have the capacity to support everything from UV, mud, water, and sand.

Both systems feature bright RGB LED lighting wrapped around the entire audio system, which is easily controlled by the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix App.

The RZR Audio Roof solutions can be fully integrated into vehicles with factory-installed audio or a 7″ Display powered by RIDE COMMAND.

Rockford Fosgate: Ongoing collaboration

This is not a stand-alone collaboration between the audio solutions maker and the American power sports leader Polaris. Rockford Fosgate also recently announced that it will be providing two factory-installed audio systems for the new Polaris RZR XP platform.

The premium trim level of the model is equipped with the Rockford Stage 1 audio system, which features the PMX-P2 source unit and two front 6.5″ coaxial speakers. The ultimate trim level features the Stage 3 audio system, which is equipped with Ride Command Technology integrated into a 7″ display, featuring front 6.5″ speakers as well as rear 6.5″ coaxial speakers, all powered by a 400-watt amplifier.

The speakers in the new audio system are positioned to be rider-centric meaning they are directly focused on the rider, the company says. The low-profile all-in-one design has been engineered to be 35% lighter than previous models.

“This next generation of RZR XP was all about delivering higher performance to that original RZR customer and the audio systems added to the Premium and Ultimate XP trim levels are no exception,” says Connolly.

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