Samsung launches flagship large screen S95C OLED TV with enhanced detail and brightness

Samsung has announced that its 77” S95C OLED TV with improved picture quality and brightness is now available for pre-order.

In 2022, the South Korean electronics maker first released its OLED TVs using its QD-OLED display technology with 65- and 55-inch screen sizes. This year sees the launch of its new 77-inch S95C model, initially unveiled at CES and chosen by Techradar as the best TV presented at the event.

Sharper picture quality and even brighter

Leveraging the tech Samsung included in its other QD-OLED TVs, which combines a self-emissive OLED panel with a quantum dot layer, the 77” S95C offers a stunning capacity for detail and brightness. According to the company, the new large-screen model delivers pure blacks, more than a billion colour shades and 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels.  

The 77” S95C also features the firm’s Quantum Neural Processor with 4K Upscaling, converting images to sharp 4K resolution no matter what their original source resolution is. With its AI-based algorithms, the Quantum Neural Processor has the ability to analyse content on a scene-by-scene basis, adding HDR OLED+ to dynamically tone map every scene. The end result, the firm says, is an image optimized to deliver the brightest lights and deepest blacks in 4K resolution.

Samsung 77 inch S95C
Samsung’s new 77-inch S95C. (Photo: Samsung)

An entertainment hub

The new big-screen S95C takes advantage of the company’s Tizen OS-powered entertainment hub, Smart Hub, which brings together a host of streaming providers, access to Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free ad-supported TV (FAST) and video service, and thousands of shows and movies on-demand. Moreover, Smart Hub can make recommendations based on individual preferences to create a more personalized experience for viewers.

And a gaming powerhouse

The new Samsung set also offers a powerful gaming centre with its all-in-one Gaming Hub platform. Gamers can stream and play thousands of games from top gaming suppliers —including Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Utomik— without the need of a console. With no storage limits or downloads to manage, all gamers need to play on the S95C is a Bluetooth-enabled controller and an internet connection.

In addition, the S95C delivers a 0.1 millisecond response time with a 4K up to 144Hz refresh rate that will please gamers thanks to its low input lag. The first OLED TV to incorporate AMD Freesync Premium Pro and NVIDIA GeForce NOW with full 4K game streaming support, the S95C additionally features GameBar 3.0 in game enhancement. GameBar 3.0 can customize what players see on screen with features such as its Virtual Aim Point for more accurate game targeting.


To automatically synch with other devices, the S95C set features a built-in Samsung SmartThings Hub that can connect with both Samsung and third-party devices. With features such as 3D Map View, the S95C is able to display an overall view of the user’s home and its connected devices. SmartThings can also help monitor a home’s energy use from the S95C’s screen or a mobile device via the app.

Sleek design

The 77” S95C comes in an ultra-slim Infinity One design that features an attachable solution for tucking away cords and cables so that viewers only see the screen.

Audio compatibility

The new S95C can be paired with Samsung soundbars and supports the Q-Symphony feature that allows the firm’s Dolby Atmos soundbars to work with the TV’s built-in speakers for enhanced audio immersion.

Energy savings

In its aim to offer more energy efficient products, the new 77” OLED S95C is certified by ENERGY STAR® under the latest specification (Version 9.0) for delivering energy savings of more than 34% compared to a conventional TV model, the company says.

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