The cold-water laundry revolution: Saving money and protecting the environment with flawless results

Samsung’s Ecobubble technology redefines washing efficiency

In a surprising turn of events, washing your clothes in cold water can actually be a wise decision when it comes to doing the laundry. Not only does it save money, but it also makes a positive impact on the environment while delivering impeccable results.

Samsung’s revolutionary Ecobubble technology has transformed the effectiveness of washing clothes at lower temperatures. Let’s delve into the details of this innovation and how it is revolutionising the laundry experience.

Washers: A household essential with energy implications

With washing machines present in over 96% of German households, these appliances have become an integral part of our lives. However, they also rank among the top 10 energy-consuming devices.

To address the environmental impact and reduce electricity bills, connecting the washer to a warm water supply, using lower temperature modes, and skipping pre-washing are smart choices. WiFi-enabled machines with AI and app control make it easier to select the most suitable programme.

The power of fine foam and low temperatures

Samsung showcases the immense potential of its Ecobubble technology, proving that exceptional washing results can be achieved with the perfect combination of fine foam and low temperatures.

The washing detergent is dissolved in a foam generator before coming into contact with the garments, creating fine foam bubbles by introducing air.

This foam is then introduced into the drum, swiftly penetrating the fabric due to its delicate consistency. As soon as the foam encounters the laundry, it becomes active, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

Ecobubble: Elevating the laundry experience

Samsung’s Ecobubble technology transforms detergent into a foam cushion inside the drum. This not only treats the laundry gently but also results in a 24% more thorough clean at lower temperatures, surpassing conventional 40°C cotton cycles.


By immersing the laundry in bubbles for approximately 30 minutes, Ecobubble technology allows deep penetration into the fabric, effectively removing stubborn stains from delicate silk blouses to cosy sweaters. This technique enables stain removal at lower temperatures while achieving remarkable energy savings of up to 70% thanks to the Ecobubble technology.

Intelligent washing machines for a connected future

Modern washing machines equipped with artificial intelligence can recognise the type of fabric being washed and adjust the selected program accordingly. When combined with WiFi capabilities, these machines can be controlled and monitored through apps like SmartThings and SmartThings Energy. SmartThings Energy allows users to effortlessly track their daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, washing your laundry in cold water has become a game-changer with Samsung’s Ecobubble technology. By harnessing the power of fine foam and low temperatures, Ecobubble provides exceptional cleaning results while saving money and reducing environmental impact.

The ability of AI-equipped washing machines to adapt to different fabric types further enhances convenience and efficiency. Embrace the cold-water laundry revolution, contribute to a sustainable future, and enjoy flawless laundry results every time with Ecobubble technology.

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