Xiaomi takes another step into large appliances with new Mijia 400L refrigerator

Xiaomi continues to extend its home appliances product line with the launch of Mijia Italian Style 400L 3-door refrigerator

The Chinese consumer electronics and smart appliances maker, Xiaomi is known mostly for its advanced yet affordable smartphones.  However, the company has been making major strides in the appliances market.

This year alone Xiaomi has already introduced two fridge models in China and now with the launch of its new 3-door refrigerator, the firm is again expanding its home appliances range.

Roomy AND compact

On the outside, the new Xiaomi Mijia Italian Style 400L Refrigerator boasts a pure white body with a streamlined ultra-modern design. On the inside, it provides ample storage space for refrigerated and frozen foods.

Thanks to its thin-walled foaming technology, the new fridge boasts a compact design while still maximizing its fresh storage capacity. While measuring just 600 x 635 x 1911 mm, the Mijia Italian Style 400L offers ample interior space -the refrigerator has a capacity of 252L and the freezer a capacity of 148L- without taking up a lot of space in users’ kitchens.

Apart from its clean exterior design, the new refrigerator is also well-organised on the inside with practical compartments and drawers to maximise its capacity. The appliance’s dual-layer freezer drawer allows for easy access to frozen items while its sealed independent variable temperature drawer offers three temperature modes, ensuring optimal conditions for preserving food.

Xiaomi tech

Xiaomi Mijia 400L refrigerator
Mijia 400L refrigerator | Credit: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has packed its usual tech prowess into the new Mijia Italian Style 400L. The fridge comes equipped with a variable frequency compressor and fan combination as well as a dedicated temperature sensing device, a technology that monitors and maintain the appliance’s steady cooling temperatures and minimises temperature fluctuation.

Beyond its cooling capacity, the new fridge has been fitted with air circulation technology, preventing food from sticking together and preserving freshness. In addition, Xiaomi’s latest appliance features a silver ion antibacterial and deodorising module in the refrigeration area, which absorbs odours and keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh.

The new fridge was also built with energy efficiency in mind. Officially labelled with a second-level energy consumption rating, the Mijia Italian Style 400L consumes only 0.89 kWh of electricity per day. Moreover, the refrigerator operates quietly, with noise levels as low as 36 decibels.

Smart connectivity

In addition to its high-tech functionality, the Mijia Italian Style 400L also fits into Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem, which includes robot vacuum cleaners, smart cameras, air fryers and blenders, and offers convenient connectivity.

To control the appliance, users have three options: they can control it using the touch panel presented on the fridge body, with the XiaoAI Assistant voice assistant using voice commands, or they can use the company’s Mi Home app from their smartphones.

Beyond China?

The launch of the Mijia Italian Style 400L comes after the appliance maker introduced its Mijia Side by Side 610L Ice Crystal White and MIJIA 540L refrigerators earlier this year, but these Xiaomi large appliances are only available in China. Although the firm’s products are already present in over 100 countries around the world, the company has not yet shared any plans for international distribution.

Based on the success Xiaomi products have found outside of their home market, it is not unlikely the that the company will look to bring its large kitchen appliances to international markets. In a recent statement, Ou Wen, Xiaomi’s General Manager for Western Europe, commented that “Xiaomi sometimes prioritises launching its new products in its home market before…other regions. This allows the company to generate initial feedback before launching the product globally.”

According to Canalys, Xiaomi ranks among the top 3 companies in the global smartphone market, in terms of smartphone shipments. The company’s AIoT (AI+IoT) platform has some 589.4 million smart devices connected to it.

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