Sharp celebrates IFA Xperience 2021 in four European cities

Sharp Consumer Electronics Europe, one of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, is opening its seasonal business with a new product line-up from the TV, audio, and smart appliances segments.

For the first time since its rebranding, the brand hosted the Sharp IFA Xperience 2021 in a total of four European cities. As part of local events in Paris, Milan, Gdansk and Oxford, the manufacturer presented its new products together with its cooperation partner IFA and provided exclusive insights into the product roadmap for 2021/2022.

Since their founding in 1912, Sharp Corporation has continuously innovated across many product categories with original products, from the “Ever-Sharp” mechanical pencils where the company name was derived, to the commercialisation of the first Japanese-made radios and televisions, the world’s first LCD electronic calculators, the mass production of solar cells and the development and introduction of AQUOS LCD TV.

At the IFA Xperience events this year, Sharp presented exclusive insights into the TV highlights for 2022 with innovative technologies and new designs. As one of the leading experts in display technology, Sharp is presenting a completely new TV line-up, with models ranging from entry-level to premium.

The brand is adding to its wide-ranging sound-bar family with models to suit every home cinema set-up. At the same time, Sharp is expanding its audio portfolio with new portable speakers and additional categories to enhance its product diversity.

In the Smart Appliance Systems (SAS) category, Sharp presented two completely new microwave series, while also expanding its air treatment portfolio with new air purifiers, humidifiers, portable air conditioners and aroma diffusers.

Kai Thielen, Marketing Director, Sharp Europe

Besides new product highlights, the event focused on the development of the brand in Europe, which is operating completely independently since rebranding in 2020. The long-standing cooperation partner IFA also took part in the event.

“We have enjoyed a very good partnership with IFA for many years”, emphasised Kai Thielen, Marketing Director, Sharp Europe. “Even if the trade fair cannot take place as usual this year, we are pleased that this event will set us on the path to IFA 2022 in Berlin.”

“IFA is very pleased to have been able to partner with Sharp in its 2021 European events”, said IFA Director, Dirk Koslowski. “Sharp has had an ongoing presence at IFA virtually since the company’s debuts in electronics many decades ago, often using the show for major new product announcements. Yet again, this legendary Japanese brand is associated with our name in launching new products, and we hope this association will continue for many years to come.”

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