Hisense, LG, Roku, Samsung, Sharp, TCL: Top TV pics for 2023 from Consumer Reports

A selection of the best TVs from Hisense, LG, Roku, Samsung, Sharp, and TCL to look out for in 2023 chosen by Consumer Reports.

According to the American consumer organisation, Consumer Reports (CR), we can expect plenty of new TV models and a number of upgrades this year, including brightness-enhancement, more vibrant colours and new hands-free options from some of the world’s major brands.

Hisense gets brighter

This year Hisense is looking to improve the brightness of its TVs, says CR, including the new entry-level series, U6K, which will provide up to 600 nits of brightness. Its U7K line, designed for gamers, will muster up to 1,000 nits of brightness and feature more than 500 local dimming zones.

Moreover, Hisense’s new flagship LCD/LED TV, ULED X, will boost brightness further, going as far as 2,500 nits, and will include over 20,000 Mini LED lights and more than 5,000 local dimming zones. In addition, ULED X offers a new AI processor and a 16-bit “light control” algorithm to provide more precise control over local dimming zones.

Hisense ULED X TV
Photo: Hisense

LG opts for wireless

LG’s major offering this year will be a huge, completely wireless model, the Signature OLED M TV, that picks up signals from a separate control box. According to CR this 97-inch set can receive 4K 120Hz video and audio using LG’s proprietary wireless technology. The Signature OLED M TV comes with a Zero Connect box that houses the connections and sends signals without wires from up to 30 feet away.

LG will also be coming out with a new flexible television set that can bend into a curve for use as a gaming monitor.

Roku goes hands-free

In 2023, the big news at Roku will be its Select and Roku Plus series, CR claims, which offer screen sizes from 24 to 75 inches. The most interesting feature in the Plus series is that these TVs will come equipped with Roku’s Voice Remote Pro that allows for hands-free voice commands.

Samsung to refine its QD OLED

This year, Samsung is set to further improve on the QD OLED TV it launched last year. According to Consumer Reports, QD OLED tech brings together the benefits of OLED models—rich, deep blacks, high contrast, and unlimited viewing angles—with quantum dots, that make for more vibrant colours.

The QD OLED series will be even brighter this year and offer improved HDR performance. Moreover, they are set to include a new “Auto HDR Remastering” feature, which can analyse and apply HDR effects to SDR content.

Other news at Samsung is that its flagship 4K Neo QLED series will do away with last year’s One Connect box and come with a detachable webcam for video conferencing, fitness, and telehealth monitoring.

Mini LED models from Sharp and TCL

This year will see Mini LED innovations for both Sharp and TCL, CR reports. Sharp will be focused on its new Mini LED series, Sharp Aquos XLED, offered in 65,- 70-, and 75-inch screen sizes. Like the QLEDs from Samsung, these sets also use quantum dots for an extended range of colours. Thanks to their more than 2,000 dimmable zones in the backlight, these new models will offer improved contrast and minimise halos.

As for TCL, 2023 will be see its QM8 series sets with Mini LED backlights amped up to 2,300 local dimming zones, which translates into five times what the company offered in last year’s Mini LED TVs. The QM8 series will also feature a built-in subwoofer and support for the newer WiFi 6 wireless standard.

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