Everything you need to know about the Sonos Ray soundbar

The latest compact soundbar from Sonos has been an exciting conversation-starter for audiophiles. Expected to launch in June 2022, the Sonos Ray has been described as everything from a “starter soundbar” to “the cheaper compact TV audio upgrade”. But what are the key features of the Sonos Ray?

The device has been marketed by Sonos as “the small HD gaming soundbar”. The speaker has been touted as compact and easy-to-use, enhancing consumers’ experience with TV, music and gaming too.

Custom acoustics in the soundbar can harmonise high and mid-range frequencies. With the help of anti-distortion technology, consumers can enjoy a balanced stereo sound. Furthermore, Sonos apparently worked with award-winning Hollywood sound engineers to perfect the soundbar’s delivery of crisp dialogue.

In terms of tech specs, the soundbar offers four Class-D digital amplifiers, along with two tweeters that offer high-frequency sounds. There are two midwoofers that offer playback of bass and midrange frequencies, while an adjustable equaliser means listeners can customise their setup in the Sonos app.

The soundbar is available for €299, and is expected to arrive at retailers on June 7, 2022.

Key selling points:

  • Price point
  • Anti-distortion technology
  • Crisp dialogue tuned by Hollywood engineers
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