Bang & Olufsen partners with Sagemcom for Video Soundbox

Bang & Olufsen has developed the built-in loudspeaker in Sagemcom’s new home entertainment unit, the Video Soundbox. The unit device integrates all the latest technologies within video, audio, OTT, and voice services and is a targeted product for service operators, such as telecom and TV cable operators.

The high end audio brand says it aims to bring immersive sound experiences to more consumers around the world through their partnership with Sagemcom on the new Video Soundbox. The product offers all the latest technology within video, audio, OTT and voice services into one single device.

Bang & Olufsen designers, technicians, and acousticians have carefully crafted the bespoke audio solution for the Video Soundbox to ensure that consumers get natural and authentic sound. The set-top box will be the world’s first to be Dolby Atmos certified, the surround-sound format used in the vast majority of cinemas and in a number of video streaming applications. Inside are three high-quality speakers with a combined active and passive woofer concept to provide a unique deep bass experience and let users experience the surround audio in premium quality.

“We are pleased to be partnering with industry leader Sagemcom on this exciting new proposition and create immersive audio experiences to more consumers every time they watch TV or listens to music. For Bang & Olufsen, this new product represents a great opportunity to bring amazing audio into people’s homes through service operators around the world,” said Duncan McCue, Vice President, Brand Partnering & Licensing, Bang & Olufsen.

The new product is expected to be available through service operators, such as telecom and cable TV operators, around the world. Vodafone in Spain will be the first to offer this new proposition to their customers.

Key selling points:

  • Renowned B&O sound comes to TV
  • Natural and authentic sound
  • Combined active / passive woofer concept for deep bass

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