ThirdReality announces new smart home blinds

Smart home product specialist ThirdReality has announced the launch of a new Smart Blind that can be operated via remote control, Alexa app, voice commands, or via buttons on the product.

With a unique cordless design, the Smart Blind is, says ThirdReality, safe for children and pets and convenient for homeowners wanting to upgrade the interior of their homes. It also offers heat insulation, noise reduction, and motion resistance based on its aluminum alloy design.

As a standard ZigBee enabled device, the ThirdReality smart blind is compatible with Amazon Echo devices (including Echo 4th gen, Echo Plus 1st & 2nd gen, Echo Show 10 2nd & 3rd gen, and Echo Studio), meaning it can be controlled with simple voice commands.

Additionally, using the Alexa App, the Smart Blind can be programmed with timer, schedule, group, routine, and remote-control functions.

It uses 4 AA batteries that have a life span of up to one year depending on usage, ThirdReality says, while the “unique” design includes the motor and battery housing in the lower section, making battery change an easy step.

The Smart Blind comes in various sizes – from 27 to 39 inches in width, and up to 72 inches high. There are a range of neutral colours available and they also can be mounted two ways – either inside or surface.

The opened height of the Smart Blind can also be set once and then for each subsequent time its raised and lowered, the unit remembers where the bottom of the blind should stop.

The design includes a bottom sensor for inside installations that helps to determine when the blind has reached the bottom of the windowsill. For surface mounting users can teach the device how far you would like the blind to extend on installation and then for subsequent use it will remember that length.

ThirdReality is also a Samsung SmartThings partner.

Key Selling Points

  • ZigBee enabled
  • Heat insulation, noise reduction, and motion resistance based on its aluminum alloy design
  • Can be controlled via Amazon Alexa with voice commands, and can be programmed via Alexa app

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