Tuya Smart and Lock & Lock collaborate on new smart appliances

Tuya Smart, described as a leading Internet of Things platform provider, has formed a partnership to produce smart appliances with kitchen and household goods company Lock & Lock.

The companies will work together to produce smart appliances, expanding Lock & Lock’s smart appliance range worldwide in the process. L&L has been recognised with awards in the traditional tableware and cookware markets.

In partnering with Tuya Smart, Lock & Lock aims to produce new smart appliances that specialise in guaranteeing a positive customer experience, as well as top functionality and practicality.

“In order to create smart appliances based on the concept of both products and services stemming from life, Lock & Lock chose to collaborate with Tuya Smart…”, a public statement read.

Tuya Smart has earned praise for producing a IoT development platform that has worked to reduce development costs and time for Lock & Lock. This is thanks to the platform’s low and zero-code solutions, as well as Tuya Smart’s willingness to develop smart products at a consistent rate.

“Tuya Smart can save costs and time for companies that seek to enter the IoT market”, said Lee Woong-Hee, head of the innovation team of Lock & Lock. “I believe that Tuya Smart has lowered the threshold for traditional household appliance manufacturers’ entry into the smart appliance and IoT markets, providing a sound foundation for the expansion of their smart appliance lineups”.

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