Volvo develops AR windshield with imaging developer Spectralics

The investment arm of Volvo Cars has invested around €1.8 million ($2 million) into optics and imaging startup Spectralics. The investment signifies the start of a new relationship between the companies, which could conclude in Spectralics software featuring in Volvo cars.

The investment will reportedly be used to advance the production of a see-through optical overlay. This optical film can be installed onto a car’s window or windshield. This, Spectralics claims, creates a wide field of view, as well as a strong sense of distance. Essentially, it would turn the windshield into an AR display. 

In a statement, Volvo Cars Tech Fund head Lee Ma said “Spectralics is a good portfolio fit for us and we believe that their technology has the potential to set a standard for the next generation of displays and cameras”. 

It’s reported that imaging technology produced by Spectralics could also be used for devices such as smart glasses in the future. For now though, the focus appears to be on Volvo vehicles moving forward.  

Volvo Cars Tech Fund already had ties to Spectralics before this investment. The Israel-based imaging company has its roots in MobilityXlab a start-up accelerator located in Sweden.

Volvo has previously invested in MobilityXlab, as well as other Israeli startups such as MDGo and UVEye.

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