7 Nov 2022

Whirlpool to integrate smart appliances into Matter Smart home eco-system

Whirlpool to integrate smart appliances into Matter Smart home eco-system

Whirlpool Corporation has announced it is taking steps toward making smart appliances work more harmoniously in home ecosystems

Future appliances will now work with and support Matter, which is widely regarded as “the gold standard” of smart home connectivity in the United States (US).

The company will also be an active member of the Matter working group, focusing on supporting appliances in future versions of Matter. This way, it will add support to the company’s smart appliance lineup once launched.

Whirlpool Corporation VP of Global Platforms, Ludo Beaufils, commented: “If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that connectivity is essential to our mission of improving life at home for our consumers. Matter allows consumers to enjoy all the smart features found on our products, while connecting compatible devices and systems with one another and controlling them from their preferred app or voice assistant.”

According to Whirlpool, Matter is the new language of the smart home, led by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in the US, with support from hundreds of the world’s leading IoT and smart home companies.

Products built on Matter should work seamlessly with each other, and introduce robust, core security features and flexible control systems, with its Multi-Admin capabilities. The Matter standard launched in October and its core features of interoperability, control, convenience, and security will be rolled out in consumer products from this month.

Matter has support from more than 220 global companies and 3,000 individual engineers—that represent the entire value chain, from silicon, hardware, software, ecosystems and platforms, to retail.

Tobin Richardson, CEO and president of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, added: “We’re excited to add Whirlpool Corporation to our list of leading companies committing support and participating in Matter. Appliances are one of the major categories of smart devices that consumers want to have connected in their home, and Matter is a pathway that can make this mainstream through interoperability, efficiency and convenience. Whirlpool Corporation’s nearly 111 years of experience in the appliances industry will be invaluable to the Alliance and the Matter working group as we look to add support for this important category of devices to the core standard in the near future.”

It is unclear currently, whether this news will have implications for the EMEA market, although Matter is operational in Europe and the UK. We have reached out to Whirlpool for comment.

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