Athletes get personalised coaching thanks to Whoop / MaxOne partnership

Wearable digital health and fitness specialist Whoop and all-in-one training app MaxOne have announced a new partnership that aims to empower athletes with personalised habit coaching for recovery, readiness, and sleep optimisation.

According to an official statement, MaxOne’s “Own It” Coaching System will now integrate metrics from the wearable technology to deliver personalised physiological feedback and actionable analytics to athletes and their teams.

MaxOne CEO Jason Mejeur commented: “We’re thrilled to offer Whoop to all of the coaches and athletes using the Own It app. By providing student-athletes access to their real-time biometrics alongside personalised recommendations, our platform will help athletes make meaningful lifestyle changes while improving their recovery, sleep quality, and overall health.”

The Own It System includes an athlete facing app and coach consulting services alongside the wearable tech for every athlete, MaxOne says. Teams can now make purposeful actions grounded in data by providing players with Whoop and access to 24/7 biometric insights across key health metrics like heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate, sleep-staging, and respiratory rate, the company aded.

Whoop founder and CEO Will Ahmed added: “Our integration with MaxOne is all about empowerment. We are excited to welcome the athletes on MaxOne’s Own It platform to the Whoop community and help them unlock their full potential on and off the field.”

This partnership has already reported great success in a pilot program conducted by The University of Miami’s 2021 football team. Over the course of the season, the Miami coaching staff and their certified coach used MaxOne’s Own It Coaching System and Whoop to help the team experience: 

  • 27% increase in sleep quantity with an improvement in sleep quality
  • 20% increase in HRV
  • 14% absence reduction due to illness
  • Decrease in overall injuries

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