AI comes to massage chairs

Zarifa USA has announced the introduction of what they describe as “the World’s first AI massage chair”

Announced by Zarifa USA CEO Yama Mustafawi, the new chair, named “Alice”, works with the high-tech application of artificial intelligence. made the announcement.

The Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus can be operated without the use of a controller thanks to the innovative AI system, responding to the name “Alice”. The pioneering programming system allows users to enjoy the full luxury of a massage without the hassle or distraction of using a controller.

With AI, users control every aspect of the massage experience with preprogrammed smart commands. Alice recognises seventeen different adjustment commands for pinpoint massage therapy targeting.

Alice works as a personal massage therapist adjusting the Z Smart Plus to specific comfort levels and needs. In addition, the Z-Smart O2 Ioniser eliminates outside distractions by purifying odours and creating a clean space around the massage chair.

The Z-Smart Plus Massage Rollers ergonomically lay along the user’s upper and lower back. The lower portion of the massage roller track extends in an “L” shape to cover thigh and glute areas. The calf portion of the Z-Smart Massage Chair Stretches an additional 8 inches to fit a multiple of body types and heights.

Z Smart Plus Massage-Chair with AI Voice-Control – Photo – ZARIFA

“We are so proud to be able to offer the Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus. This innovative chair can be operated without the use of a controller through our innovative AI system. Also, we stand behind our no hassle and no wait on supply chains this year as we are fully stocked and prepared for the upcoming season of giving,” said Mr Mustafawi. “If you are bogged down from injuries and want to improve recovery and manageability, a massage chair might be a great option for you or as a gift this year for a loved one.”

According to the Zarifa CEO, as a solution to relax muscles or treat chronic body pains, a reliable massage chair is one of the best purchases for self-care or as a gift for the Holidays.

Headquartered in Murray, Utah, Zarifa USA aims to assist and provide relief to the increasing number of over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain each year without using addictive substances such as opioids. Zarifa USA claims to be committed to helping customers find pain relief through easily accessible products that deliver positive medical results.

Key selling points:

  • AI enabled – no more need for remote control
  • Able to massage from head to toe
  • Helps recover from injuries
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