Buildbox AI offers “ChatGPT for game developers”

ChatGPT is the artificial intelligence service that is sending shockwaves through almost every industry. Now, game developer Buildbox says it has produced “ChatGPT for games” by adding artificial intelligence to its existing services.

Buildbox provides users with a no-code game engine which aims to revolutionise and democratise game development with code technology that has helped build applications on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. One title, ‘Color Switch’ has been downloaded more than 100 million times, illustrating the mainstream potential for this platform. 

Now, Buildbox says it is adding artificial intelligence services to its game development software. Similar to ChatGPT, game developers can use Buildbox AI by typing a prompt, with artificial intelligence creating characters, objects and environments that suit the creator’s vision. 

It is a relatively simple process, a “one click to create” feature that forms game assets from unique user prompts. Said assets can be used in a developer’s own game, or in other game engines like Unreal and Unity. In addition to its ChatGPT-like AI, another unique feature of Buildbox is its AI training, which means the platform can continually learn and create not-before-seen video game concepts. 

“By adding generative AI features, Buildbox is staying true to our core mission of empowering creators and pushing the limits of what’s possible”, said CEO Jonathan Zweig. “Technology will always serve as a tool for unlocking human potential, and our latest innovation takes game development to a whole new level.

“We invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the uncharted territory of AI-powered game development with this first of many steps. Together, as a community, we will help redefine the way games are created and shape the future by empowering anyone and everyone to build.”

Buildbox says it is providing a lucrative service for game developers, with video game development identified as a time-consuming task which can be sped up with the help of technological innovations such as artificial intelligence. With Buildbox AI, “anyone” can be a game developer, with AI doing the heavy lifting when it comes to building game assets and more.

“With the power of generative AI, developers can iterate their ideas and designs at an unprecedented speed, enabling them to quickly prototype and refine their games,” says Buildbox. 

“This increased efficiency will not only reduce development costs but also improve overall development lift and timelines across the game development industry.” 

Buildbox says it has produced “ChatGPT for games” by adding artificial intelligence to its existing services. (Photo: Buildbox)

Buildbox says it has produced “ChatGPT for games” by adding artificial intelligence to its existing services. | Credit: Buildbox

Artificial intelligence gathers momentum in video game industry

It is difficult to predict just how influential artificial intelligence will be on the video game industry, but evidence suggests that it will be massive. Nvidia Corporation recently announced it will be adding extensive artificial intelligence features to its mid-range gaming chips. The new RTX 4070 chip from Nvidia uses artificial intelligence to improve graphics for gaming experiences. 

Nvidia has reportedly made substantial revenue from its data centre chips powering artificial intelligence systems for the likes of ChatGPT. It is reported that approximately €8.14 billion ($8.96 billion) of Nvidia’s revenue for fiscal 2023 was made from its gaming chips.

“[A game] is not like a movie where everything’s been pre-recorded. It’s dynamic, it’s moving, and there’s user input,” said Justin Walker, Senior Director of Nvidia’s GeForce products.

“I can’t just put a frame halfway between two frames. I have to really understand the motion between the two frames.”

Nvidia’s technology helps users achieve this with artificial intelligence predicting pixel resolutions, and generating complete frames for a video game title. 

Nvidia previously made headlines after announcing a set of cloud services, made for businesses to build and operate generative artificial intelligence models. Nvidia’s AI Foundations services apparently work with language, images, video and 3D models, and have already been used by Getty Images, Morningstar, Quantiphi and Shutterstock. 

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