1 Sep 2022

Cordless accessories and gaming hardware among GfK’s key sweet spots for 2022

In the following pages we dive into the world of “nomadic lifestyle”, highlighting some key innovations on show in IFA’s product segments Audio, Computing & Gaming, Imaging, Fitness & Digital Health and IFA Communication. Get started with some exclusive data from the PC hardware and gaming sectors by GfK.

Can gaming accessories regain momentum after the last two years?

The last two years have seen record sales of gaming products and accessories, facilitated by the impact of Covid-19 with people staying at home and looking for entertainment. However, gaming accessories could not perform at the same levels in 2022, with gaming mice and gaming keyboards declining by 6% and minus 5% respectively. 
That said, cordless devices had a successful first half of 2022, with sales of cordless keyboards and mice increasing by 48% and 14% respectively. These segments are still relatively niche, with revenue not reaching the same level as corded counterparts. However, due to being easy to use and handle, the cordless segment is expected to grow further and bring a positive stimulus to the gaming accessories market.

Gaming Hardware: Mobile PC and monitor

The gaming hardware segment, made up of products such as mobile PCs and monitors, continued to outperform the category average in the first half year of 2022.
Gaming laptops achieved 3% growth in this period, while non-gaming mobile PCs declined by 7% in revenue in the first half of 2022 compared to the previous year. This is mostly due to the higher price point of the gaming segment as a premium product, with an average selling price of gaming laptops being 1.4 times higher than the category average.
The total sales of monitors decreased slightly by 4%, but models with a refresh rate of 144 hertz and higher grew by 4%. 

Key figures

+48% Increase of cordless keybord sales in the first half of 2022
1.4 Selling price of gaming laptops 1.4 times higher than category average
+4% Increase in total sales for Monitors with refresh rate of 144 hertz and higher  

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Note: All growth numbers according to GfK panel market in USD value growth and Global excl. North America figures unless explicitly stated.