1 Sep 2022

Qualcomm showcasing extraordinary experiences everywhere

Cristiano Amon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm Incorporated, is delivering the opening keynote at IFA 2022

In an exclusive interview, he spoke to IFA International about the digital transformations of the future, and what role Qualcomm will play, with all eyes on the company’s latest Snapdragon technology.

What are some of the biggest consumer-facing digital transformations taking place today?
We are moving toward a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected. For consumers, this means new ways of engaging with your most personal devices, from smartphones and PCs to extended reality gadgets and cars, so that you can have extraordinary experiences everywhere you go. 

Let’s start with the PC, which is undergoing a very exciting transformation. We are entering a new era with the convergence of mobile and PC that provides consumers access to connected and on-demand computing from almost anywhere. Imagine opening your laptop and it has all the best features of your smartphone, including AI, combined with high-performance processing and all-day battery life. With high-speed 5G connectivity, you can perform on-demand computing in the cloud, like editing an 8K video. Next-generation mobile computing will drive and enable the continued transformation of the enterprise and work. 

We are entering a new era with the convergence of mobile and PC that provides consumers access to connected and on-demand computing from almost anywhere.

We are also headed towards a more immersive, spatial environment with the blending of physical and digital spaces. Some call it the metaverse, but regardless of what you call it, I believe it is inevitable. You will need XR devices to experience it, enabling you to be or interact with a hologram, overlay an instruction manual onto the actual thing you are trying to fix or provide children with a more immersive education. This will be the next transition in mobile computing, and it will be as big as PCs and smartphones.

Automotive is another area where we see one of the biggest transformations for consumers. The car is becoming a connected computer on wheels, and how we experience our vehicles is changing with cloud connectivity, entertainment streaming, the rise of personalisation and in-car services, enhanced safety and the path to autonomy. This technology transition is also happening simultaneously with electrification. And customisation and upgradability will extend throughout the car’s lifecycle, not just when it’s driven off the lot, enabling automakers to have a closer and more direct relationship with their customer. 

Beyond consumer-facing applications, digital transformation is impacting every industry from healthcare to smart cities to the factory of the future and more. As the world continues to become smarter and more connected, and these technologies are adopted more broadly, there’s incredible potential to transform society for the better, bridge the digital divide, and create a more sustainable future.

There’s incredible potential to transform society for the better, bridge the digital divide, and create a more sustainable future…

What makes Qualcomm a central piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a connected world?
This is an exciting time for Qualcomm. As virtually everything is becoming intelligent and connected, demand for our technology solutions has continued to accelerate.

Snapdragon, our premium technology platform, enables extraordinary experiences across your most personal devices, including your smartphone. In the XR space, Snapdragon is powering more than 50 XR devices, and the Snapdragon Digital Chassis is being used by virtually every automaker to enable a new era of vehicles that are safer, smarter, and ready ​to meet their consumers’ evolving needs.

We are also scaling our technology – with leadership in wireless connectivity, high-performance, low-power systems, and on-device intelligence – to support virtually every connected device across industries and sectors, including industrial IoT and edge networking. We are proud to be the technology partner of choice for many of the world’s largest enterprises to enable their digital transformation at the edge.  

What is Qualcomm presenting at IFA 2022?
I am truly honored to deliver the opening keynote at IFA this year. You can expect to hear more about the key trends and technologies that are making it possible to reliably connect billions of smart devices to the cloud and deliver exciting new experiences to consumers across the globe.

You can also learn more about two key areas – auto and the metaverse – by joining our leaders. To hear more about how next-generation technology is shaping the future of the automotive industry, check out the fireside chat featuring Nakul Duggal, senior vice president and general manager, Automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and German journalist Susanne Schöne at SHIFT Mobility. Additionally, Mike Roberts, vice president and global head, product, partner and technology marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, will discuss digital transformation and the metaverse with a panel of industry experts.

And, if you’d like to experience the latest in Snapdragon first-hand, including mobile, PC, XR, and gaming, I encourage you to visit the Snapdragon Pavilion at the Summergarden. 

Do you think the turbulence of the past few years has left a permanent mark?
Demand for technologies, such as 5G, AI and advanced processing at the edge was accelerated with the pandemic. As we learned to be productive from virtually anywhere, digitisation has become an essential part of how we work, learn, and create. As the world tackles a challenging macro-economic environment, industries continue to look for ways to innovative and be more efficient, so they are doubling down on their own digital transformation. And, if there is a silver lining to the chip supply-chain crisis, it’s that people have a greater understanding of how important chips are to their everyday experiences. I think these things combined will continue to fuel innovation, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

How important are events like IFA 2022 for the industry going forward?
We are very happy to partner with IFA as we believe events like these provide a great platform to share the latest news, trends, and predictions that impact businesses and consumers. While the hybrid world offers many benefits, I have to admit that I do love the energy and excitement of the in-person experience.   

Opening Keynote Qualcomm: Today, 2 September 2022, 10:00-10:45 – Hall 23

Qualcomm Marketing Panel: Tomorrow, 3 September 2022, 14:00-14:45, Hall 23