1 Nov 2021

Fauna Audio Glasses offer safer alternative to headphones


Fauna Audio Glasses offer safer alternative to headphones

Austrian brand Fauna Audio’s audio fashion glasses allow wearers to listen to their favourite music while on the go.

The glasses, which look like regular glasses, come in a range of different frame styles and the high-quality Zeiss Duravision BluProtect lenses can be either clear or tinted. The glasses can be customised with prescription lenses and properly fitted to the wearer by an optician. The arms can also be extended to improve fit

Audio glasses promise a safer alternative to headphones because they don’t block out ambient noise and help the wearer maintain situational awareness as they can hear everything happening in the outside world.

Fauna Audio’s glasses are wireless and connect to the user’s phone with Bluetooth 5.0, while two USound micro speakers sit inside either arm near the lenses. Other features include hands-free and ears-free calling, according to Fauna, as well as touch control via touchpads on each arm at the temple. They are also water-resistant to rain showers.

The glasses are available in four models, Memor Havana, Levia Black, Spiro Transparent Brown and Fabula Crystal Brown and they each come with a case that doubles as a charger. The glasses will connect to the user’s phone as soon as they’re out of the case and battery lasts up to four hours for music playback or 12 hours, while on standby. The case can charge the glasses four times and the case is chargeable via a USB-C.

Fauna estimates that the batteries in the glasses will maintain at least 80% of their original capacity for 500 full charge cycles. The battery in the case will maintain at least 60% of its original capacity after 500 cycles, Fauna Audio says.

Fauna Audio is one of a few companies to have already signed up for IFA Next 2022, where it will be showcasing all of its latest innovations.

Key Selling Points:

  • Allow users to have audio without blocking external sounds
  • Can be customised with prescription lenses
  • Battery allows for four hours’ use on the go

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