“5G playground” opens in Malaysia

YTL Communications, also referred to as YES, has opened the world’s first “5G playground” in Malaysia.

There are currently more than two million 5G-compatible phones being used in Malaysia, according to Wing K Lee, CEO of YTL Communications, an influential communications company in the region. But many in the country do not have the opportunity to try out or experience this technology before buying it for themselves.

To solve this dilemma, the company decided to open the world’s first “5G Playground”, located in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the Premier Terrace of the Lot 10 shopping centre.

“As we’ve always been committed to spearheading a more connected future for Malaysians, we built the 5G Playground because we want everyone to be able to enjoy and experience 5G even if they do not currently own a 5G phone or service”, said Wing K Lee.

The officially-named YES 5G Playground will offer its visitors “many activities […] that will give Malaysians the ultimate 5G experience”, no matter their background or financial status.

Widespread implementation of 5G has been a key project for government officials, who reportedly want to bring 5G to the country at the lowest cost by 2024.

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