Vaha’s interactive fitness mirror takes home workouts to next level

German based fitness tech company Vaha offers a new way of working out at home with its pioneering digital mirrors which act as world class personal trainers

Vaha allows entire households to train however they want with its cutting-edge interactive fitness mirrors. The product took the market by storm during the pandemic when consumers looked for ways to keep fit during lockdown.

The award-winning device works like a virtual personal trainer with more than 200 different digital workouts catering for all exercise styles and goals including toning, cardio, strengthening and mobility.

From the comfort of their living room, users can book personalised training sessions with real star trainers which connect live to the mirror.

Vaha fitness mirror
Credit: Vaha

Vaha also offers streaming classes around the clock, where users within the online community can train together. All workouts are digitally accessible and have been designed by qualified fitness experts. Members can see the names of their fellow classmates live on screen, replicating a live experience.

Exclusive to the UK, the Vaha S mirror is priced at £1,150 or in monthly instalments of £29 over 39 months. While the larger Vaha X mirror is available for £1,950 or in monthly instalments of £50 over 39 months. Users then pay a £39 monthly basic membership to access the platform, featuring the 200 workout programmes.

Founder Valerie Bures comments: “Our mission is to empower entire households to train however they want, whenever they want and with the world’s best personal trainers, all from the comfort of their home. We want to help people around the world take their home workouts to the next level.”

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