Liebherr’s 2022 range of freestanding appliances combines “innovative technology and elegant design”

Liebherr-Hausgeräte’s latest generation of freestanding fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers combines customer-orientated and future-proof functions with linear designs, providing “timeless freshness” for groceries.

“We develop refrigeration and freezing solutions that simplify everyday life for our customers and fulfil their requirements with regard to freshness and design,” said Steffen Nagel, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH. “The result of this development is our new generation of freestanding appliances that combines intelligent freshness technology with an elegant, modern design in the highest quality.”

The 2022 range of freestanding appliances from Liebherr stand out thanks to their linear design and surfaces made from high-quality materials. Designs range from clear white and beige colours to steel finish with a “sophisticated slick steel” look to traditional stainless steel and the unmistakable black steel finish.

All fridges and freezers in the new range have a closed aluminium rear panel giving them “a sophisticated look on all sides”, according to the manufacturer. The newly developed InteriorFit design element allows every freestanding appliance to fit neatly into a 60 cm deep niche without requiring space for ventilation as they have an integrated door hinge that is invisible from the outside. This means that only the front door of the cooling appliance protrudes, enabling it to blend in harmoniously with the room.

The 2022 model freestanding CNd5723 from Liebherr

Liebherr divides its new freestanding appliance range into the “Pure and Plus” entry-level series and the “Prime and Peak” premium ranges that are fitted with different equipment options and that were introduced with the new generation of fully integrated appliances.

Intelligent technology for long-lasting freshness

One particularly impressive feature of the new freestanding appliances is their freshness technology. Liebherr offers storage options to keep sensitive vitamins and nutrients fresh for longer with EasyFresh, BioFresh and BioFresh Professional. The perfect combination of temperature and air humidity ensures optimum foodstuff cooling. Foods retain their authentic taste for longer and need to be thrown away less frequently, thereby reducing food wastage.

Liebherr has developed a separate compartment – the BioFresh Professional Fish & Seafood safe – that has been designed especially for the improved storage of fish and seafood at -2 degrees Celsius and that can be individually controlled. The fine HydroBreeze freshness mist ensures fruit and vegetables stay even fresher in the Peak series cooling appliances. The integrated water dispenser and InfinitySpring filter system provide a constant supply of fresh water direct from the fridge, meaning users no longer have to lug heavy crates or buy plastic bottles.

The LightTower efficiently illuminates the interior of the refrigerator

Liebherr also uses stainless steel on the interior of the cooling appliances. For example, the models of the top-of-the-range Peak series are fitted with SmartSteel throughout the interior. This cladding creates a particularly hygienic storage environment as undesired moisture and food freezing to the appliance are avoided by air circulation between the rear panel and stainless steel interior.

The LED ambient lighting of the fan on the rear panel and the flush-mounted LightTower in the side walls ensure that the interior and foodstuffs are perfectly illuminated. The rear panel of the Prime series appliances are also clad with SmartSteel.

German engineering

All fridges and freezers in the new Liebherr freestanding appliance range were designed in Germany and manufactured in Europe.

Many models in the new freestanding appliance range have again been placed in the top energy efficiency classes. At the same time, the appliances offer the greatest possible cooling volume thanks to BluPerformance, as the entire cooling technology is located in the base and works at an exceptionally low noise level.

All models are fitted with an intuitive user interface that ensures maximum operating convenience and enables the user to adjust functions individually. The freestanding appliances are either network-capable ex works or can be retrofitted with the SmartDeviceBox and then connected to the domestic SmartHome system.

The new appliances from the refrigeration and freezing specialist are genuine all-rounders. In addition to low power consumption and noise levels they also offer optimum cooling performance with a great capacity and a long service life thanks to the use of high-quality materials.

Freezing as required with the new freestanding freezers and fridge-freezers

The Prime and Peak series freezers combine two appliances in one with the VarioTemp feature; their temperature zones can be set individually from -2 degrees Celsius to +14 degrees Celsius. They can be used both as freezers as well as additional fridge compartments and give the user the utmost flexibility.

The new Liebherr freestanding freezers are fitted with a wide range of special ice features: Bottles and pizza boxes can be kept upright in the IceTower, while an integrated IceMaker produces enough ice for drinks. The Plus, Prime and Peak series all come with the EasyTwist Ice function: Ice cubes can be made in a simple and hygienic manner within five hours in a removable container without a permanent water connection.

All Liebherr fridge-freezers are equipped with DuoCooling and therefore with two individually adjustable cooling circuits. NoFrost technology can be found in the base of the appliance on the new models and is easy to access if required. In addition to this, FrostProtect is integrated in all freezer compartments. This gives customers greater flexibility with regard to the choice of installation position as the appliance also works at an ambient temperature of down to -15 °C.

Key selling points:

  • German engineering
  • Separate seafood compartment
  • Use of stainless steel for interior of fridges


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