– the proven platform to test the market before launching your product

An innovative new platform named uses groundbreaking methods to help developers launch their products.

Prelaunch is a new company on the scene which is already making an impression thanks to its trailblazing solutions. It claims to be the first market-validation platform which, before launching a product, evaluates market demand and defines a pricing strategy by analysing conversion metrics and comparing them with industry averages.

The tool is ideal for developers and creators who are looking to test their innovative products and services. It helps users discover the potential of their product and predict whether its launch will be successful, while at the same time offering advice to maximise time and resources.

“Based on my decade-long experience with thousands of startups, I’ve noticed one clear pattern to accompany the majority of those that failed – no data-driven decisions during the prelaunch stage”, says Narek Vardanyan, CEO of

“Our team at decided to address this issue by developing an all-in-one platform to help founders identify the real potential of their product before making investments”.

Prelaunch validation platform
The company’s market validation platform (Credit: Prelaunch)

It is the first market validation tool which can measure buying intents through a seamless landing page, offering critical data and accurate predictions based on analysis and measurements of price and market demand.

Despite being a new service, the platform uses a proven methodology and tools to help turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.

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