Fiture announces “most advanced interactive fitness mirror”

A new Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror from aptly named Fiture is making headlines for its sleek design and intriguing product description.

Described by the company as the “most advanced interactive fitness mirror”, the product has the appearance of a large smartphone, with a 43-inch high-resolution screen and U-shaped leg design.

The mirror features life-size instructors, offering a “life-like” experience while training the user with a variety of exercises.

Motion Engine technology is used to judge how the customer moves, offering real-time feedback, be it correcting posture or timing. The device comes with functional training programmes along with a diverse team of instructors. Club Industry claim that Fiture’s product is the “perfect complement to any hybrid workout routine”.

“As consumers are gradually going back to their lives before COVID, they are looking for a solution that can seamlessly integrate into their daily lifestyle and leverage the latest technology to reach their fitness goals”, said Fiture CEO Maggie Lu. “We created Fiture to fill that gap in the market. It is not only sleek and beautifully designed to fit in any home, but it’s also smart and interactive and can be a part of any fitness routine and lifestyle”.

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